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Boudoir Photography

You're probably here because you are going back and forth whether or not to book this type of session.....right?

I promise you...DO IT!!!!

All my ladies that come to me asking about Boudoir are so nervous about actually pulling the trigger on it. Of course, you should be! That is normal! Yes, I am a stranger, but I promise at the end of the session, I will be your best friend!

During my sessions, you are more than welcome to bring a friend to hype you up! Bring drinks too! Whatever makes you comfortable!

I charge $250 for how ever long we need, and however many outfit changes you have! I have a studio, but can also do it at an Air BnB, hotel, or even your own home!

In the end, you will get a USB with all the photos we take (edited of course!), and full printing rights!

Do one just because, or as a gift to that special someone!

These lovely ladies below have given me permission to post some examples from their session! 

Click on each photo to view

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